Thursday, March 18, 2010

Republicans Endorse Absurd 'Personhood' Measure

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  1. "Fertilized egg." That's hilarious. When is it no longer a fertilized egg, Ari Armstrong, or are you still a fertilized egg?

    Readers, in this article, interchange the word 'personhood' for 'free the slaves' and 'fertilized egg' for 'blacks' and it will reveal to you the parallel between today's fight against abortion and yesteryear's fight against slavery. The same could be accurately said about the fight against killing Jews in Germany. There is no middle ground. Today you either choose life or choose death just as when they either chose freedom or chose slavery or life or killing Jews.

    Oh, and when you wrote this measure would outlaw abortion for all those reasons you gave, you left one reason out. It would also outlaw all abortions for convenience, you know, like the compelling "I have a career to consider," or, "I'm not ready for a baby right now," etc. I just wanted to clarify that since you conveniently left it out of your article, Ari.

  2. (For some reason my previous attempt to post a reply seems not to have gone through.)

    Scott's comments further illustrate the insanity of the anti-abortion zealots.

    Quite obviously, a fertilized egg is not the equivalent, biologically or in terms of political rights, as a born infant or adult. The comparison between abortion and genocide is ridiculous, hyperbolic nonsense.

    I did not "leave out" the fact that the "personhood" measure would ban optional abortions; I stated it "would outlaw practically all abortions." Women have the right to get an abortion for such reasons.

    Notably, as with every other advocate of the "personhood" measure, Scott has not even attempted to refute the arguments in the 2008 paper:

    When you're ready to seriously engage the issues, Scott, please write back. Until then, please keep your pathetic rantings to yourself.

    Thanks, -Ari

  3. Ari: thanks for your insights. I'm a life long traditional conservative Republican ("traditional" = fiscal conservative & social libertarian). You left something out in your point-on commentary about "personhood." If the fertilized egg becomes a human at time of conception, would it not be logical to conclude that nothing can be done to prevent this "person" from coming into existence? If so, then all forms of artificial birth control, including condoms, would eventually be banned.

    The whole thing of personhood is yet another attempt by religious zealots to impose their dogma on all citizens. I referred to the 2008 proposal as the "lawyers full employment proposal." That hasn't changed. Steve B.


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