Sunday, August 14, 2011

Denver Post Readers Reply to 'Tar Baby' Op-Ed

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  1. Gee, Ari, if there was any reason to think Lamborn knew any of this when he said it, you should have added that to the mix. But since he apologized, in writing, I'm guessing he didn't know this, which would make him the sort of thoughtless person who really shouldn't represent Coloradans

  2. Dean, As is obvious from Lamborn's initial comments, he did know that the standard meaning of "tar baby" is a sticky situation. He used the word "stuck." Whether he knew anything else about the folklore tradition is quite irrelevant. But, somehow, Dean, I doubt very seriously that Lamborn's "tar baby" comment is the origin of your dislike for Lamborn. Instead, the left is seizing upon this innocuous term to smear somebody they already wanted to smear. On the political level, this is fundamentally about the left (groundlessly) smearing Republicans as racists heading into the 2012 elections. -Ari


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