Wednesday, August 3, 2011

MoveOn Smears Lamborn for Invoking African Tar Baby Folklore

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  1. Ari,

    I appreciate your precise approach to this issue. You have definitely honed your sword. Great research. Joseph Campbell has been played and replayed on PBS. The left must approve of his tar-baby definition.

    You have also brilliantly illustrated how the left has us all sidetracked on non-issues.
    The left, including Sirota and his ilk, are hyper sensitive. They see racism everywhere, even when it does not exist.I do believe there is a pill for this condition of hyper racial sensitivity and other delusions.

    For the good of humanity, maybe Sirota should find a new career rather than pedaling snake-oil? The problem with this type of distracting snake-oil is that it is poisonous.


  2. funny... for quite a while I've been calling out Sirota on a variety of topics for his "snake oil" sales tricks and rhetorical spins.

    Thought I was the first and only, but evidently not.


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